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Import – Export of merchandise
Our company fully undertakes the process of importing / exporting products with safety and credibility, taking into account the needs of each customer, while our policy is subjected to the domestic market and international trade terms and conditions.
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Immediate and Secure Delivery Network
Our highly qualified personnel and our highly organized cargo managing system, guarantee the prompt receipt - storage (if applicable) - transportation - delivery of products / goods, smoothly, with safety and credibility, always within the agreed time with the customer.
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Qualified Personnel
Since its foundation, the company has had as its primary objective the immediate response and adaptability to customer requirements. In this context, the personnel was selected to fulfill the conditions needed to ensure the quality of the services provided by our company, aiming at creating a healthy climate of trust and cooperation.
Our Strategy

Our company’s strategic planning has been gradually and carefully established, taking into account the policy and objectives underlying its operation:

  • It gives priority to the individual needs of every client, organizing a complete planning of finding the optimal solution according to his / her requirements,
  • It ensures quality, smooth and reliable collection, storage, transportation and delivery of cargoes, always within the time of agreement with the customer.
  • It simplifies the bureaucratic issues that arise in the process of unloading, loading, customs clearance and transportation, by creating a direct service mechanism.

Thalassa Maritime works successfully on a daily basis, with a plethora of shipping services (ship chartering, ships’ agency, ship’s supplies, etc.) as well as supply chain services (shipping, forwarding, customs clearance, transportation and storage), always having as our main concern the fulfillment of the needs and requirements of each customer.
Our Vision

Our company’s vision is based on a customer-oriented system of achieving goals. Our main priority is to satisfy our customers` needs and create a climate of trust for a fruitful and long-term cooperation.

Effectiveness as a product of excellent management and implementation is, for Thalassa Maritime, the ethical reward of striving for the best quality of service, a fact that makes the company the ideal choice for clients.